If you are a frequent traveler, then you already know the standard traveling items you need. But there are other amazing things worth carrying that most people don’t know. As you travel, you are going to interact with various people and visit different cities and countries.

The people you will be traveling with or places you visit will determine the experience you will get. But since you can’t control some events, having some essential devices will help you cope with them better. Here are the seven unusual items that could make your next traveling a lot better.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

A good pair of headphones needs to be at the top of your traveling list. Headphones serve more than entertainment purposes. They help you minimize noise from outside sources. Even if you don’t plan on spending the whole of the flight watching movies or listening to music, you may need to sleep at some point. But falling asleep when traveling isn’t easy because of the noise. So, make sure you carry smart noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise.

2. Bottle Protectors

If you plan on carrying a bottle of Kraken rum or any other drinking substance, then you need to carry a bottle protector. The protector does more than ensuring that your drink is safe. It protects your other valuable items should the bottle break.

3. Portable Power Banks

Smartphones are a great deal when traveling. They enable you to look up for places, pull up boarding passes, and seek directions. A phone also allows you to connect with your friends and family. Using the internet often means that the phone’s battery might drain a little faster than usual. Besides, accessing power outlets may be difficult. Carrying a reliable power bank is the right investment as it will allow you to charge your phone many times.

4. A Travel Router

Accessing information online requires the use of the internet. This means that having an internet connection is a necessity. Considering that there is no guarantee of reliable internet when traveling, packing a travel router can prove useful. The good thing is that routers are small and portable, which means carrying it around won’t be an issue.

5. Neck Pillows

Travel pillows are incredibly useful when you need to sleep during the journey. The pillows are comfortable, allowing you to rest your head in various positions. Sleeping without a pillow can result in intense neck cramps. Even if you try to look for a suitable position, an unsupported head implies muscle agony that could last for a couple of days.

Fortunately, there are plenty of travel pillows on the market to suit your preferences. A great pillow is one that allows you to sleep comfortably by providing the much-needed support effectively.

6. Portable Water Purifier 

Good health is every traveler’s concern. Part of ensuring that you stay healthy throughout the travel period is drinking clean water. Drinking contaminated water can result in dangerous diseases, including dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and more.

A solution to this challenge is carrying a water purifier. Instead of carrying many purified water bottles, a more convenient way is carrying a portable water purifier. This way, you gain access to safe water from the water sources you’ll come across when traveling.

7. A Power Strip

Getting to a hotel room only to find one outlet is available isn’t a surprise. Most of the hotels have a number of essentials plugged to the power sources. Finding yourself in such a situation means you’ll have to choose between having an alarm clock, a lamp, or your device. If you need to use both of the devices at a go, then you know how inconvenient that can be.

Bringing a power strip will allow you to charge all your devices in one place and still use the lamp. Travel power strips are quite handy because they turn one outlet into several power outlets. Besides, they are light and compact for easy packing. You only need to ensure that you pick a reliable device to avoid failures.


As you look forward to your next trip, having a detailed travel packing list is critical. Preparing in advance will enable you to make sure that everything is in place. Have a list of the basic things you need from medications to toiletries. Traveling is fun, but the fun can come to an abrupt end when you run short of essential items. Apart from the standard traveling items, these items mentioned in this guide are also essential. They ensure that you have a great time while away from home. But before you pick any item, make sure to conduct proper testing to verify that the device is functional.

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