Australia has a lot to offer for its tourists. It is among the top destinations for people from various parts of the world. The massive size of Australia gives it its diverse climate and features. For the past decade, Australia has seen an increase in tourism from about 3.5 million visits per year up to 8.6 million. In the same record, the majority of visitors come from the most developed countries like the US, the UK, Singapore, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

As you plan your visit to Australia, you may need to know the best destinations in Australia that you would take your family on vacation. We have gathered information about nine of the best and most suitable vacation spots that your family will enjoy during your tour.

These are the nine vacation places you should consider for your family on your next tour to Australia.

1. Brisbane

The Queensland capital, and the third-largest city of the territory, Brisbane, is one of the favorite places to visit in Australia for most people. The city is a delightful environment to stay in for the holidays as you do various activities. Your kids would also love to greet the koalas, one of the best tourist attractions in the country.

The Queensland Maritime Museum, on the bank of the Brisbane River, is a perfect place to take your children to play and learn. They will also experience marine life without the risks of going to the sea. The CityCat ferries, from the Brisbane City Council, is an ideal method of transport to places of interest while having your family vacation in Brisbane.

2. Sydney

It is already common knowledge that Sydney is the most-visited place in Australia. As you arrive in Sydney, plan a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden. The recreational center, also used as an event venue, has a lot to offer for your family. You can have a family picnic together, and experience cultural adventures, among many other activities.

Sydney is also the largest city to meet people from all around the world. You can make friends as you have your vacation fun. You can take your family on a sightseeing motorbike tour. Or why not participate in a dirt bike race as your family enjoys hiking in the parks? But first, install the necessary Sydney motorcycle accessories you would need on your adventure.

3. Glenelg

In Adelaide, the beach sand bay is an ideal location to take your family for recreation. The sand here is safe for your children to play on without worrying about sea waters. The place also stands close to most of the activities in Adelaide. The peaceful environment from the city gives you the best environment to take a quiet rest for the entire vacation.

The moderate weather in Adelaide (around 26 degrees Celcius) is conducive for your entire family. You can play arcade games or go to Glenelg Beach for swimming with your family as you enjoy the cooling sea breeze.

4. Port Stephens

Do you want to experience real vacation away from the noisy city center but close enough to get there without spending long driving hours? Then Port Stephens is the destination you should take your family. You will enjoy the cool and serene environment that is about 2.5 hours drive from Sydney.

Port Stephens features pristine water beaches, dunes, national parks, and coastal walks. You choose your favorite activities according to your taste. After spending a day with your family, you get quiet accommodation to spend the night and relieve yourself of the city stress.

5. Blue Mountains

Still close to Sydney, the World Heritage site of Blue Mountains is a perfect destination to take your family on a vacation trip. The site is only a 1.5 hours’ drive from the Central Business District (CBD) in Sydney. You can engage your family in various activities like hiking along the Grand Canyon Walking Track. The 6km hike gives you spectacular views of cliffs and waterfalls.

Another place you could visit is the Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest rail – which made it to the Guinness Book of Records. See for yourselves how trains go on the cliffs and through a cave before disappearing into the rain forest.

6. Bendigo

Bendigo is a historic city in Victoria. In the mid-1900s, Bendigo was a gold mine. But of today, the city is an attraction site for people who want to learn and have fun with a little history in the country.

The Vintage Talking Trams will ferry you around the city for sightseeing and commentaries on the history of the goldmines. You can also take your family to the Golden Dragon Museum, where they will explore and learn through Chinese artwork and artifacts.

7. San Remo

At the southern coastal region of Victoria, a small town lies by the ocean, connecting the mainland and the bridge leading to Phillip Island. The town started as a fishing ground but has now grown mainly for tourism. You can get to San Remo from Melbourne via train or car. The distance is about 124km, and it would take you 1.5 hours to get to the beach town.

Take your kids for a walk along the George Bass Coastal Walk. Along the 7km walk, you will experience the best beach and coastline views. You can also take the family to Bore Beach, a quiet nature location away from the city.

8. Ballarat

Another option near Melbourne is Ballarat. The city is about 115km from Melbourne, and you can drive there in 1.5 hours. Sovereign Hill is the main tourist attraction where you can get a satisfactory adventure with your entire family.

The Gold Museum is a wonderful place to take your kids to learn more about gold mining in Ballarat. You can also decide to have an adventure in the Ballarat Wildlife Park for wildlife seeing.

9. The Gold Coast

For some sea adventure, the Gold Coast is an ideal location to take your family. 79km south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is a beautiful destination for sand beach, sunbathing, and surfing. But you can also go for kayaking with your kids and let them see the whales and more sceneries visible from the waters.

Summing Up

There are many places to visit in Australia. Because of its large size, many cities, and sophisticated experiences, you will need to narrow down your needs to find the most suitable place to visit. For a family vacation, you would want to find a place that offers the best activities you can enjoy together.

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