China is known to be one of the biggest markets across the world. Being a foreign investor, investing in a business in China isn’t very easy as far as political, cultural and language difference is considered. However, there are a few things to be considered before you start a business in China. This post is going to take you through the basic requirements of starting a business in China which means if you want to start a business here, you must fulfil these requirements. For more information about doing business in China, visit:

1. Set up a Chinese legal entity 

If you’ve decided to set up a legal entity, you must understand the basic legal structure that’s present in China. There are five different types of Chinese legal entities namely, representative office, foreign-invested partnership enterprise, equity joint venture, wholly-owned foreign enterprise. Amongst all, RO and WFOE are the most well-known types amongst foreign investors because of the flexibility offered and easy operations provided.

2. Get the company name approved 

One of the most basic requirements is to get the approval of the name of the company. Once you decide on a name for your company, you must get approval. You can the approval from the local authority of the place where you want to start your business in China. It’s very critical to get your company approved by the authority otherwise it might not come under the approved company list. It’s highly suggested to apply for approval from the day you’ve started the company work.

3. Trademark registration 

Getting a trademark registered in China is an important step for all international companies because China can acknowledge all trademarks in their jurisdiction. If their trademark registration isn’t present, the company might lose all claims related to infringement regardless of how legally they sell all goods in the countries under a similar brand name. A trademark can protect your business from fake suppliers and counterfeiters. Hence, never forget to register your company under the trademark. It helps to prove that your company is among the most reliable company in the market.

4. Know the tax system 

The Chinese tax system for all foreign companies isn’t direct and can undergo frequent changes. It’s significant for a company functioning in China to know. It can be helpful for both planning business in China and meeting up the legal formalities. There are two main categories of taxes that can be applied if you are about to start a business in China. Without knowing the tax system you might end up creating a problem for yourself. So, know about the tax system of China and then accordingly plan out your investments

The business environment in China can be challenging for foreign investors. Before you start a business, you must do proper research and get used to the culture, business standards, language and involve a trustworthy regional service provider to make sure that the operation of your business complies with the standards in China. There are a lot of things you should check and consider if you are about to start a business in China. You must fulfil all these important requirements for giving a push to your business in China. You must know about other factors like payroll, taxation, location and other factors before setting up a business in China. Once these conditions are fulfilled, you can start doing your business reliably in any part of the country.

China is among the best country when it comes to starting a new business. If you are planning to start a new business then, you can do so in China as the system that’s followed in China is comparatively easy to understand. You don’t have to be an expert to invest in China. Most businessmen would recommend starting your business at a place that doesn’t have too complex a tax system or other legal processes. It merely creates more problems in the running of your business. In all these regards, China is among the best country to start your business.