Having a place of your own to call home is a wonderful feeling that defines independence. But the idea of organizing it can be quite perplexing. Well, of course, there are no hard and fast rules for organizing your place, but when you use a space in the wrong way, it can create a very un-livable area in your living quarters. So, here are some tips on how to approach organizing your home.

1. Stop hoarding:    

We are sentimental creatures, and it is okay to hold on to things that have meaning. But if that ugly and worn-out sofa is taking up space, it may be time to discard it. Unless you are planning to repair it, it is always a better idea to make room for something new. If you have not used something or worn something for more than a year, it probably means that you have no use for that particular item, which means that it is time to give them away or sell them. Getting rid of things that you have no use for will mean more space in your home. And more space would mean that you would have more room to experiment with the arrangement and organization of your home.

2. Empty the room:

If you are moving into a new home, this should not be a problem. However, if you are organizing your already occupied home, gather everything in a corner or another room. The next step is to visualize your space. Think of it like a painter staring at a blank canvas before painting their masterpiece. When a room is void of anything, space can help you conjure ideas on how to make the best use of that area. Therefore, be a painter, only metaphorically, though!

3. Get tools for organizing:

Baskets, containers, hangers, shoe racks, book racks, and the like are the tools that you will require if you want a tidy and organized home. Our homes are cluttered with things that we need, and it is unrealistic just to throw everything in a pile. Getting baskets, racks, and hangers will help you divide and organize things so that it is easier to find them when you need them. It will also help tidy up your home as well instead of looking like a cyclone hit your place.

4. Label them:    

After organizing things into their bins and containers, labeling the containers and baskets will help you with the arrangement. Every time you want the flour, you don’t want to find yourself opening all the containers to see which one has the flour. Therefore, labeling them will help you with getting things done faster. Also, there are so many ways that you can spruce up the way you label. You can get creative and put colorful labels; all you need to do is put your thinking caps on. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that could give you a head start on labeling your containers.  

5. Installing a wall shelf:

If you have a blank wall, and hanging a painting does not feel right, you could always hang a wall shelf. A wall shelf is cheaper than getting a whole shelf, and it also takes up less space than an actual shelf. The shelf can be used for a myriad of things like putting up your books and frames, keeping your plants, or if you have it in your bedroom, you could always arrange your clothes on the shelf. Whatever reasons you may use the wall shelf for, you will have extra space that you can utilize.

6. Utilizing organizing hacks:

We have our closets and racks to keep our stuff organized. But sometimes, they will not be enough to keep your house fully organized. There are lots of organizing hacks that you could incorporate in your home. Shower rings are used for more than their intended purpose, like hanging pots and pans in the kitchen or hanging tops or neck-ties in the closet. Another useful hack is labeling your cable cords in order to prevent them from getting tangled. Recycling tin cans or jars for keeping your stationery items organized in your offices is also a great way to de-clutter your desk and also be less wasteful. Apart from these ideas, there are other ways to keep your house tidy and organized. There are also lots of tutorials demonstrating how to utilize these hacks in real life.

7. Learn to keep things in their proper place:

So, now that your home is how you want it to be – proper and neat.keep in mind that if you don’t place the things back in their proper place, you are effectively undoing all of your hard work. If you are in the middle of a project, don’t leave the materials lying around after you have completed the project. Train yourself to place the materials back in their proper shelves, containers, or racks. After work, you might feel tired but always hang your clothes up in the proper place. After a meal, always do the dishes and place them in their cabinets. The same rules apply to everything that you do. In this way, you will always have an organized home.  And you will always find the things that you are looking for without having to dig into a pile.

8. Keep on de-cluttering and organizing:        

If you are done with the task of organizing your home, your journey of living in an organized home does not end there. Repeat this cycle of de-cluttering by donating or discarding the stuff you no longer need. Always keep on arranging and organizing the stuff around your home. When you keep on doing that, it gives you the opportunity to find and choose the best possible arrangement for your home. And along the way, it keeps you active, trains you to avoid mess and clutter, and provides you the ability to make the best use of your home space.

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