A family room is a room where all the family members gather to hang out, chill and chat. It is also a place where we entertain when we have guests. As such, the room should have some special elements to it. If you’re interested in updating your family room read on to learn about some easy ways to make a living room feel like home. After all, you want to have a family room that all the family members will find comfortable and that everyone will enjoy and feel relaxed and cozy in.

Incorporate Functional Pieces

When you decide it’s time for your family room makeover, you should consider function. So, you can make it more functional by adding a desk and a chair and making one part of it a home office. You can also add a musical feature to it by installing a piano where you can all play and sing as a family. Of course, every family room features a large TV on the wall facing the seating area. However, when spending some time together as a family, try limiting the use of TV. Instead talk about your day, school projects and some work or school-related news. At other times, you can use the TV to organize a movie night everybody will enjoy.

Add a Touch Of Green

When talking about things that give the family room it’s a cozy character, colourful and nicely smelling plants come to mind. Plants in any form, regardless of whether they’re potted or fresh add an element of freshness and nature. They also have a dual function of purifying the air. If you’re not a plant person and plants don’t survive long in your care, try some species that don’t require too much care. Scattered throughout your family room, the plants will liven up space.

Include Different Seating Options

In order for your family members to gather happily in your family room, you must provide them with comfy seating options. Add a sofa, armchairs, ottomans and different poufs to your family room. You can also use benches, hanging chairs and rocking chairs. In that way, everybody will have plenty of options to choose from and find their own place. To make the seating options even more comfortable and cozy, you can casually place a soft blanket, a warm quilt or a faux fur throw over them It will allow your guests to feel cozy even during harsh winter evenings. These throws add textile layers in your family room.

Opt For Lots Of Throw Pillows

There isn’t such thing as too many throw pillows! Choose your throw pillows in different colours and patterns to make them focal in your seating area. They certainly add comfort to you and your family members’ and friends’ backs. Pillows are an absolute necessity when it comes to accessorizing your sofa, chair or a window seat. With their colours and patterns, they add accent to the room, making it feel warm and inviting. Essentially, the throw pillows make the room perfect for relaxing and chilling. Another use of throw pillows is that kids can use them and sit on them on the floor. The good news is that pillowcases for these throw pillows can be easily removed and cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about your kids staining them.

Make a Place For Books

According to interior designers, every family room should have a bookcase filled with all kinds of books. As is the case with throw pillows, the same goes for books – you can never have too many. Why is bookcase essential? Well, because it is usually seen as an extension of the family, showing their likes and preferences when it comes to reading. It is a perfect way to show personality. Show what you like and use your books as décor elements as well. They add texture, style and colour to the bookcase, a console or a coffee table. Along with the books, you can arrange some prizes, photos, potted plants or some knickknacks. Bookcases as a décor element are often overlooked.

Consider a Fireplace

When you have a fireplace in your family room it instantly lightens up space. The fireplace is the best way to add some warmth to your family room, making it a focal point for gathering and listening to the crackling fire. There’s something soothing in looking at the fire. Just picture yourself sitting on a comfy armchair or on a warm blanket beside the fire, while outside is a raging snowstorm and you’re all cozied up, sipping your wine and enjoying your family time. Picturesque, huh? Not to mention that it would be a great asset for your next get-together or a party. There are many options for fireplaces to choose from. Besides the classic ones, there are also those ventless ones. Opt for the one that is more suitable for your own family room. It is surely an investment that is bound to last.


You can easily accessorize with eye-catching works of art. It is a perfect way to add elegance, style, colour and a personal touch to your family room. Depending on your preferences you can opt for an oversized painting or instead you can create a gallery wall. Experts suggest that for creating drama in your family room you should opt for large paintings and big artwork collections. You can also hang a motivational poster or you can choose to display family photos on walls. All in all, these artwork pieces add a final touch to a family room.

Rethink The Lighting

Interior designers suggest using warm lighting in your family room to create a sense of warmth and harmony. Lighting can make a room look inviting and appealing, but on the other hand, if misused it can create a gloomy atmosphere. And you certainly don’t want that. You can use a variety of lighting options for your family room. You can start with a chandelier at the centre, which you can complement by installing floor lamps and sconces. If necessary, you can also add ceiling lamps as well as reading lights and stand lights.

Bring In Rustic Elements

Yet another feature that brings in the warmth and coziness are different rustic elements. A family room comprised of rustic, vintage or traditional features are sure to add a sense of warmth from the moment you enter the house. It definitely looks more inviting and welcoming than a family room decorated with a contemporary and minimalistic interior. Use lots of wood elements and stone as well to set up a natural vibe. Don’t forget to bring in the comfy textile pieces such as throw pillows, blankets and quilts. When you start thinking about upgrading your family room, begin with consulting your family members. Ask them what they think is missing. Include the young ones as well. Hear everybody out and then decide on the items you’re going to change, together as a family. In that way, you are going to make sure that everyone gets at least something they want. And if you don’t like some of the ideas your family members suggest, try reaching a compromise and suggest something else. After all, it’s the room you’re going to use together.

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