Is there a perfect relationship? What is it like to have one? These are questions that, depending on who is asked, it is possible to get hundreds of very different answers. Each person is different, both physically and personally. 

That is why, when the spark of attraction and mutual desire arises, people must take advantage of it, regardless of the situation. What can be lost? First of all, the ‘no’ is already there from the beginning. Besides, unfortunately perfect doesn’t exist, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying and making it work to be happy.

The ways of life are hard to predict but everyone has to follow them. In a moment someone can be in Argentina and the other day in Australia, for example. That’s why when choosing a partner or lover, one of the most important factors is to be able to see each other. 

However, in the meantime, for different circumstances this may vary. Erasmus students, international workers, professional reasons, transfers to another city… On many occasions and for various reasons, the home can be changed temporarily or indefinitely.

But despite the amount of miles away, many couples have managed to continue their love and stay happy. Because physical barriers must not be a reason for the spark and attraction to be extinguished. Even real pleasure experts know this, like the private female escorts in Perth, who offer different services such as online or travel services (best known in English as fly me to you (FMTY)). Thus, with the help of new technologies and innovations, sex is not a problem.

As they have been for a long time, relationships at a distance, with communication, desire and trust, do work. Today, with the pandemic and quarantine situation, many couples, despite living in the same city, find themselves in the same situation. Being forced into the social and physical distance, and perhaps even feeling a little more helpless as they are so close and far away at the same time.

But is it exactly the same? They have many points in common but also many others that differentiate these two concepts. For example, both increase the use of calls, text messages, video calls, and other online contact methods. Uncertainty, doubt, fear, and mixed feelings about the nearest future are also shared concerns in these situations. But in contrast, couples in long-distance relationships can see each other when their schedule and money allow, and couples in quarantine don’t. 

In addition, the latter are not the only ones who are affected. Confinement is for everyone, that translates into staying at home for many hours. So the situation affects all people in different ways, both physically and mentally. Increase of free time, change of all routines, people forced to live in the same house… Everything has changed.

In spite of everything, there is a lot of content and entertainment that is being launched online from everywhere and on all platforms to try to make it a little more enjoyable. Even the adult sector, highly affected due to obvious reasons, have increased the sale of sex toys, the demand for online sex with erotic chats or sexy video calls with escorts from Sheffield and the accessibility to erotic content that was previously premium. Because the desire for physical pleasure is natural in the human being and despite being far away the services are still requested the same, or more.

So it is correct to say that these two concepts, the long-distance and quarantine relationships, are not exactly the same. Although they can overcome the barriers equally and make plans for when the social distance finally ends with everything that people want to do most, with whom they want to see and be intimate. 

So in the meantime, the imagination flies by fantasizing about that return to “normality” and all that physical contact that one longs to have with gorgeous Ahmedabad escorts or lover, because it is indeed, very important to try to continue life in the most natural way possible.

There are many ways to rekindle the flame and spice up the relationship, and even to meet new people. Those who, in the future, may even end up in more than a friendship. Because in the end, both long-distance relationships and those that are forced to be separated by the COVID-19 face a new challenge, which if viewed in perspective, can be an opportunity. 

This is a new situation in which people have to show interest, strive to look for other forms of pleasure/experiences, do all those things that were paused, get to know themselves better (physically and emotionally), discover new sensations and feelings, learn to fall in love with oneself and others without having to touch physically. 

Couple on Video Call

It also brings the relationship to another level of greater trust, intimacy and desire to be together. Besides, missing someone a little, is never bad as they can have an intense sex with more desire each time they meet. Despite being so far away, people have never been so close. So why not enjoy it while fantasizing about a return to “normality”?