A proxy is a tool that allows you to connect your computer to the internet without exposing your actual IP address. It acts as an intermediary between your computer and the website or service you’re trying to use, allowing you to surf the web anonymously and securely. 

Why You Need a Proxy

Besides hiding your IP address from the sites you visit, proxies are great for looking up businesses on yellow pages and bypassing firewalls. Below are ways in which you can use proxies in this modern age.

Enhance Your Privacy on the Web

One of the most common uses for proxies is to stay anonymous while browsing the internet. Regardless of the phone or computer you use, a proxy will mask your IP address with its own. This can be really helpful if you need to access sensitive information, such as banking and medical records, without having strangers know where you live or work. 

It’s also possible to hide your location with a proxy server. With this option enabled in most proxies, anyone looking at your browsing history won’t see your exact location. The good thing about proxy providers is you can choose proxies from different locations at any time, so nobody will know where you are unless you tell them!

Access Geo-restricted Content

If you’re in a country where Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer are blocked, a proxy can help you access the content on these platforms. It can allow you to use any streaming website when it’s not available in your region. 

Proxies can also help you get around censorship blocks on social media platforms; if you want to watch videos from YouTube that aren’t available in your country, for example. 

Protect Yourself From Hackers When Using Public Wi-Fi  

Proxies are a great way to protect your privacy when using public Wi-Fi. They can help you avoid certain types of tracking and malware, but they may not be 100% secure. 

For example, a proxy may allow you to browse anonymously but still leave behind information about the sites you visit, such as their URLs, which can be detrimental if someone wants to track down that information. To avoid hacking, don’t access sensitive information when using public Wi-Fi. Remember, safety starts with you.

Set Only One Name on Facebook  

Do you ever wonder how some of your friends created Facebook accounts with one name? It’s easier than you think. Since many Indonesians use single names, Facebook doesn’t ask them to list more than one name during sign-up. If you’re not in Indonesia but want to use a single name, an Indonesian proxy will help you pretend to be an Indonesian user. 

Test Ads and Website Speeds for Different Locations  

Since a proxy provider offers many IP addresses from across the world, you can use them to check how long your website or mobile app takes to load at different locations. The tool can also help you test different ad formats and how they perform outside your area.

Increase Online Privacy for Co-workers

Using a proxy is an excellent way to increase online privacy for people who share a computer or IP addresses, such as students and co-workers. This is useful to maintain confidentiality and prevents malicious parties from stealing your friends’ data. Securing personal information using proxies means ‌websites won’t target you and your mates with ads based on browsing history. 

Save Money on Flights and Hotels  

If you’re traveling somewhere new, it can be tempting to use your usual airline or hotel loyalty program. But with some planning, you can save money by using a proxy service to make your bookings. 

Instead of using an existing account, activate your proxy tool, sign up for a new account, and search for deals from every major airline and hotel chain. Remember to sign up for sweet deals before they disappear; you may find higher prices if you search for something multiple times. 

Third Party Server

Proxies Do More Than You Think

Proxies allow you to connect to the web through a third-party server, which then relays your connection anonymously and securely. This can be useful for many reasons, including bypassing geo-blocks and shopping online without being charged extra. Privacy is another reason proxies exist; the internet is full of trolls, but a proxy can protect you against them by giving you an invisibility cloak.